Mach 1 has made a significant difference in my son’s pitching performance.  From the comprehensive, high tech analysis of his arm strength, flexibility and core strength to the one on one personal attention he gets from trainers and former college/ pro players, this off season program has taken my son’s pitching skills to the next level.  On top of it all the guys coaching Mach 1 make it fun.  It’s definitely a 1st class pitching program for guys who want to take pitching in high school and beyond seriously.

                                                                                -Dr. Greg Camfield

Mach 1 Pitching Program

All Elements of MACH1 - Strength, Mechanics, Arm Health, Velocity, Pitch Design, Control, Mental Approach and Nutrition

Year-round program tailored to offseason, preseason, in-season needs

3 month minimum commitment

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